Metal sculpture course no.34

Can you hear the sound of dolphins ? No, me neither but Barry certainly could on this, his second time on our course. His abstract garden sculpture was inspired by dolphins, he said and it was so big, Kerry and him had to come in two cars on the Sunday so it could make it home. Kerry made a large garden sculpture too, a dragonfly using lot’s of scrap pieces of steel. With it being their second time, both Barry & Kerry easily handled the welding. In my room was Alan and Claire. Alan had been bought a place on the course and his inspiration was a tawny owl that lived in his garden, or was it a brown owl ? Anyway, he made his own unique owl with lots of character and a mouse too. Claire came on the course to learn how to weld armatures for her own work with ‘sand in your eye’, her company that makes landscape art. First time welding she made a heron so big that she had to come in a van on day two just so it could get home to Hebden Bridge. Thanks as always to my good friend and course co-hoster David Mayne (Billy) for another great course. Next years dates will be out next month not long after we run our last course of 2022.