Mick Kirkby-Geddes, that’s me, a metal sculptor. Born in Sheffield, i now live just outside Holmfirth in the Pennine hills of West Yorkshire. I’m based at Sculpture Lounge, home to 22 different artists studios in nearby Holmbridge.

I finished a three year Fine Art Degree at Leeds Polytechnic in 1988 then set out on my own as a sculptor and haven’t done anything else since. It was at Leeds that i started using scrap metal because the materials budget ran out and I’ve never looked back since.

Influenced by cartoons, 1970s kids tv, books, in fact anything really, I make sculptures to go inside and outside, public art, do commissions and sometimes work in schools too. All the work featured here is either for sale or can be commissioned. Typically my prices are around £35 for the tiny pieces, £200 / £400 for indoor pieces through to £800 / £1600 for bigger, galvanised outdoor pieces and upwards.