Metal sculpture course no.43

Well that’s it for our 2023 courses and what a way to go out. Four happy students took home their own pieces they’d didn’t think they were capable of making themselves. First up was Debbie who had a delayed start due to flooded roads but soon caught up making a huge flower for her garden and various other flower shaped pieces from old cogs and some garden tools she’d got from eBay. Dawn had never welded before but just fancied the idea of having a go and made various flower themed test pieces before going on to make the piece she had in mind – a highland cows head made from old tools and chain. Graham works with coffee machines and brought various components along with him from work so he could make a badger, as you do and a fine piece of sculpture it was. Christina came along for the third time, fully inspired after a recent visit to galleries in Tuscany and wanted to make a huge head from plates of steel and copper, she clearly likes a challenge ! I lent her a face mould I had and by the end of the weekend she had a huge head which was almost as big as she was. Thanks as ever to my good friend and fellow course leader Billy (David Mayne), we’re going to sit down very soon with a cup of the finest tea known to man and the leftover biscuits from the course so we can decide on next years dates. If you want to get them in advance just drop me an email and we’ll see you next year.