Metal sculpture course no. 42

Another four happy students taking home sculptures they’d made over the weekend. Jerry and Annette came up from London, Ole walked to the workshop and Helen came up from the Midlands for a second time. Jerry had never welded before and used offcuts of plate steel inside formers such as an old collander to make a bowl and a face, which did turn out a little bit scary looking but then it is nearly halloween. Annette who was once a graphic artist came up with some free flowing designs based on eyes and flowers using junk steel which will go on a wall at home. Ole lives nearby and with a house full of sheep came up with the obvious choice of, yes, a sheep but this one was for outside. Ole’s old car body shop skills came back to him for making the sheep from cylinders, fire extinguishers and sheet steel, complete with spring like legs so it can wiggle in the wind. Helen came on our course about 2 1/2 years ago and returned to refresh her welding skills and make another huge flower for her garden (a rudbeckia this time) and finish off some cutlery inspired light fittings she started last time. Thanks as always to my fellow professor and good friend Billy (David Mayne) for running the courses with me and we’ve got one more course left for this year then we’ll sort out next years dates. If you want to get those dates before they go on general release just drop me an email.