Metal sculpture course no.39

We recently ran our 39th metal sculpture weekend and this time it was all novice students. In my room were Phil and Kirsty and across the corridor in Billys room were mother and daughter Kate and Kim. Phil had ideas about using chain to make a tree / bird feeder but we suspect he really wanted to make a rabbit because he brought a half finished wooden one with him so by the end of the weekend he had a larger than life size rabbit he’d welded up all by himself. Kirsty wanted to make a heron to go by the pond in her garden so drew it out on the floor with chalk, found junk metal pieces to make up the right shape then set about welding them all together. Kate brought a lot of old motorbike parts with her that belonged to her late husband and used them to make a lovely obelisk type sculpture for her garden. Kim brought along an old bike she’d got so attached to on a holiday in Vietnam that she posted it back home in pieces, yes she really did. Having barely ridden it in this country she decided the time was right to chop it up and make an owl and a fish ¬†from it, as you do. Needless to say the course was great fun and all four students took home a piece of work they didn’t they’d be able to make in a weekend. Thanks as ever to David (Billy) Mayne for co-hosting the course with me, if you want to go on our waiting list for next years course dates just drop me an email.