Metal sculpture course no. 38

That’s another one under our belt and look how proud Greg looks with his creation. Yes David Mayne and i have just run our 38th course and four happy students all completed a piece of work and took it home with them. So, back to Greg, who was bought a place on the course as a present and had no idea what to make so just sketched something out, had a rummage through our materials then made a robin quickly followed by an excellent bee sculpture for his sisters garden. Christina had been on our course before so knew what to expect and this time channelled ┬áher boundless enthusiasm into making a heron on day one and then an abstract circular piece on day two, then painted them both too. Mike, an engineer by trade, meticulously worked on his ‘dog’ sculpture all weekend incorporating mechanical elements into its design too. Finally Luke had no preconceived plans about what to make, he just wanted to explore the world of metal sculpture and slowly created a small world of intriguing objects that looked like they had a purpose but you couldn’t quite work out what. If you fancy having a go yourself we’ve got one place left on our July course and four on the October one.