Metal sculpture course no.20

We’ve just finished our first course for this year, it’s good to be back and what great pieces our first bunch of students made. First up, Sarah made a huge dragonfly for the side of her garden pond then because she’d worked so consistently, went on to make a couple of small birds to fix to her pergola. John, an ex-engineer from David Brown tractors made, well, two tractors but out of a real mix of found objects and engineering parts. It was nice to see him slowly shed his engineering background and become more creative. Andrew started off making a chair then went off on a tangent creating an abstract piece that gave the illusion of floating steel balls tethered to a girder – and made a lot of noise in the process ! Finally James, a coded welder (he kept that quiet !) immediately saw the potential of just launching into making something without having to do all the paperwork beforehand and unleashed his hidden creative side. ┬áHe made two giant performing worms for his garden, one singing, the other playing the guitar, going into more and more detail as the course progressed. All four students had never tried anything like this before (obviously one could already weld amazingly) and all four took home a unique piece they’d made themselves, with a bit of help from Billy and me. We’ve got four places left for the whole of this year if you fancy having a go ?