Metal sculpture course no.19

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We’ve just completed our 19th course and i know i always seem to say this but it was as good fun as ever. This time it was married couple Hazel & Andrew in Billy’s workshop enjoying the process of making various cut out garden ornaments. They tried plasma cutting, angle grinding and mig welding throughout the weekend. In my room was Bob and Becky. Bob had been given a place on the course as a christmas present and had driven up from Devon to be with us. He made a unique garden lantern from various pieces of junk metal and a range of flowers from spoons to accompany it in his garden. Becky had finally found a metal sculpture course after looking for quite a while so was determined to make a stag for her garden. With her small maquette coming in at almost a metre high we were a little worried about wether the bigger version would fit in her car. Thankfully it just fitted and no one was more relieved than her husband. None of our students had welded before, all just wanted to have a go and see what they could come up with – they certainly achieved that. Dates for the first half of next year are on the courses tab of my website if you fancy having a go yourself.