Metal sculpture course no.17

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We’ve just done another weekend sculpture course and it’s been as much fun as usual despite having to add in the extra covid precautions. Our students always surprise themselves with what they’re capable of making during the weekend but i think we had the biggest surprise this time as no one has ever made a crown before and a huge one at that ! Tim had done a tiny bit of welding before and brought loads of materials with him and actually used none of it apart from one small bearing race. He’d no idea why he wanted to make a huge crown, it just seemed like a good idea at the time and will no doubt form a unique focal point in his garden. Seth went for quantity, finishing off a new house number, a garden bird on a perch and some animal additions to some bench ends he brought. Ange made a big Christmas tree display stand which will be the envy of all the other shops in Slaithwaite come wintertime and lastly, Phil made two unique garden chairs with stainless steel inserts. I run the courses with fellow sculptor David Mayne (many thanks must go to him as usual) and we make sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience learning how to make their own piece of metal sculpture which they then  take away with them at the end of the weekend. The rest of our courses are sold out for this year but we’ll be listing next years dates very soon.