Metal sculpture course no.12

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We’ve just finished our twelfth course and this one was a bit easier for Billy and me. We only had two students, David, an ex-engineer and Jake, an interior design graduate on the course so they were both very capable and had both done some welding before. It wasn’t quite a case of sitting about in armchairs watching the two of them get on with making some artwork, there were of course the tea & biscuit fuelled ideas stage, materials sourcing and then the welding and plasma cutting reminders. David made an excellent sign post with a weird bird on top for his garden and a mini kangaroo whilst Jake a deers head wall piece and a small sausage dog. Both of them surprised themselves with what they could achieve and we won’t tell you exactly what Jake’s dad said when he came to collect him at the end and saw the deer head but let’s just say it began with F. There’s one place left on our next course in July if you’re interested in joining us.