Summer sculpture workshops

MKG1 mkg 4


I’ve been doing some summer workshops in various Kirklees Libraries over the summer. Each session is two hours long so we’ve been making sculptures out of various plastic pieces and bubblewrap, held together with cable ties and electrical tape. Lots of electrical tape ! It’s a good job screwfix do a big multi-pack of the stuff. Anyway, it’s been really good fun as a Library is an odd place to run a sculpture workshop, so to be making lots of noise and mess seems quite rebellious. Having said that, the staff have been great, a little wary at first maybe but very quickly joining in with the kids and helping them make all sorts of strange animals and well, anything really. The last two are next week at Kirkburton and Shepley then it’ll be kind of sad for it to come to an end as i’ve really enjoyed running them.