Metal sculpture course no.13

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We’ve literally just finished our thirteenth course and we’ve all had a great time. As usual our students were surprised by what they were capable of making over the weekend. Aaron used up my last wok to make a flying bug and the sword i’d had for years to make a tall (wobbly) bird then made a quick nut and bolt man at the last minute. His dad Neil spent ages perfecting his chain figure light holder then dashed out a flower and a guitar playing frog. Elaine came along with some sketches of a tall, stylised bird and then brought them to life as a sculpture for her garden. Dan made a large, unique troll, from a kettle and lots of other bits of junk, a present for his girlfriend. We’re booked up for our last dates of this year but we’ll be sorting next years dates soon. So, if you fancy having a go at making a metal sculpture or you want to gift someone else the experience keep an eye out over the next few weeks.